Hernick Releases plan to Combat Climate Change

Addressing climate change with a pro-growth free-market framework


Emissions market standardization would ... create a framework for eliminating inefficiencies in state, local, and regional energy credit and emissions markets through standardization (i.e., establishing common trading units). This will help project developers  achieve economies of scale and and help communities mitigate climate change.

Background: Nine Northeastern states and California have established greenhouse gas cap-and-trade systems and dozens of states and municipalities have established renewable energy credit (REC) markets to achieve climate change goals. While effective to-date, these local and regional markets are inefficient because of their small-scale and different trading units.

… be good for business in Northern Virginia and across the US. Many companies voluntarily offset emissions or participate in carbon markets and more and more shareholders demand that climate risk be factored into corporate decision-making. By creating market standards, barriers for small businesses to engage these markets will be reduced and the door to additional markets (i.e., emissions trading systems) in Europe and China can open.

… support a “free-market, all of the above” approach to energy. We need to keep all options open for affordable, reliable energy. Charles supports nuclear power, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the development of Virginia's offshore energy resources with the full implementation of existing environmental and social safeguards. We need to continue to allow the market to put forward the best solutions to energy problems and protect individuals’ rights. Emissions market standardization would keep all options on the table and allow people and markets to choose.

… support local efforts. Charles is proud that Arlington County, the City of Alexandria, and Fairfax County are among the communities that have led the way to measure emissions, reduce energy use, and avoid or capture greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions market standardization would help our local governments meet their existing goals and scale up their successes.         

As a voluntary program, this proposal DOES NOT: establish a cap for greenhouse gas emissions, establish mandates for state or corporations. This proposal DOES: protect the rights of states, and create a framework for job creation in innovation hubs like Northern Virginia.

Don Beyer has failed to take any action on what he calls “the single most important issue of our time”. His Federal carbon tax ignores the good work that has already been done by states and would disproportionately hurt small businesses

From March 15, 2014 Press Release ... “Don Beyer today announced his support for a progressive carbon tax in order to fight climate change, spur green energy, and heighten consumer consciousness on this critical issue. The most effective way of reducing carbon emissions is to put a tax on carbon pollution,” Beyer said.  “This is the single most important issue of our time and we need to act.  We owe it to our children and grandchildren.””

Don Beyer supports the Clean Power Plan despite lawsuits by 24 states arguing the regulation is unprecedented executive overreach

From August 3, 2015 Press Release … “Climate change is the existential crisis of our time. President Obama’s Clean Power Plan will combat this threat to our health, safety, and security of the generations who will inherit our environmental legacy," said Rep. Don Beyer

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