The Telegraph talks with Charles about the Campaign and attracting Millennial Republicans

 The old saying used to go that Republicans are 40-years-old at birth.

But today’s GOP Millennials, aged 18 to 34, are showing a stunning change from the "young fogey" stereotype.

According to research from the non-partisan Pew Research Center in Washington, today’s young Republicans are “less conservative when it comes to values related to the environment, role of government, the social safety net and the marketplace”.

They believe that homosexuality should be accepted by society rather than discouraged and that far from being burdens, immigrants strengthen the US with hard work and talent.

Half of GOP Millennials do not believe that stricter environmental regulations would hurt the US economy and half believe that business corporations make too much profit.

And In the face of this potential revolution, bright, energetic Charles Hernick fairly bubbles with optimism talking about his attempt to unseat the incumbent in Virginia-8, the US’s sixth wealthiest congressional district... READ THE REST AT THE TELEGRAPH SITE