Red NoVA Endorses Hernick!

Charles Hernick for Congress

Posted on May 6, 2016 by Taller Than Madison

Red NoVA endorses Charles Hernick for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District.

Hernick, like so many in the 8th, is a Virginian by choice. He is also, like so many in the 8th, a millennial. When I asked him about the National Debt he pointed out that a huge chunk of the debt itself comes from “overwhelming debt service payments,” a point that most electeds stay away from because it really highlights how the government is destroying itself by falling farther into debt and farther behind in catching up on the payments. He went on to say, “There are a large number of millennials in our district and collectively millennials carry one trillion in privately held debt. Combined that with the National Debt and entitlement programs that won’t pay out to them, even though they are paying in.” That’s a great answer that voters in the 8th need to understand.

Hernick has put together a professional campaign. He is a disciplined communicator. He has a real organization set up to push out his message. Unfortunately, those are all stark contrasts from his opponent.

Retired Army veteran Mike Webb, Hernick’s opponent, is a nice man. He is always wearing a smile. But he is not ready. And I mean really not ready to carry the Republican banner. He sends out a lot of press releases. The sender is named “Campaign Email.” D’oh. They are fairly entertaining reads, if he weren’t running in a presidential year (more on that in a minute). In one of the press releases he explains why he was recently fired as a FOIA officer. Why would he want people to know that? In another, Webb mentions that he filed charges with the local police against the Arlington County Republican Committee. He names a few people in the release, and he even tells you where one of his critics works while pointing out that that person was engaging him on Facebook during company time. Then it sounded like he tried to get the young man fired, but when I asked Webb about this he said that he did not call the guy’s employer. And the Webb campaign couldn’t file finance reports on time. The explanation was that the campaign computer was “hacked.” C’mon. This followed with another missed deadline with the FEC resulting in a fine, which is very embarrassing. Also, his press releases often include the curious phrase, “sources close to the campaign.” Keep in mind the press release came from the campaign, so yeah, that’s as close as one could get.....