Hernick Wins Republican Nomination for 8th District Candidate!

Hernick wins in a landslide vote to become the Republican nominee for Virginia's 8th District

On a sunny Saturday in a middle school auditorium in Arlington, the crowd erupts into cheers. People hug, high-fives are given, and many handshakes all around, as Charles Hernick's name is called to be the official Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District of Virginia.

Hernick has been the presumed nominee for many months, and that has never been more apparent than during the outpouring of support at Saturday's convention. Volunteers of every age range, and across the spectrum of citizens in Northern Virginia turned up to hand out signs and donuts, and vote for this uniquely unifying candidate.

After speeches from Virginia Republican leaders, Hernick took the stage. In a 6 minute speech of ideas and numerous applause breaks, Hernick laid out a strategy for getting Republicans unified and back into the 8th District race.

After a day of campaigning and voting, two things became very apparent; Virginia Republicans have found their man to lead the party in the new Millennium, and Don Beyer better not get too comfortable in his Congressional seat.