Every Donation Helps Change the Status Quo

The status-quo incumbent Don Beyer has out-raised me. But each day this summer we have outworked his campaign. I am very proud of what we've done so far. 

I wrote another $1,000 CHECK of my own personal money. I'm with you. I am not a multimillionaire career politician like Don Beyer -- but together we can change the status quo. 

Please help me and contribute to the campaign now.

Yes, I'll join you and match your $1,000!

I'm in for $500

I'm in for $250

I'm in for $100

No one expected us to break into the national and international news media.
No one expected such a strong showing on Reddit and with other social media.

No one expected that so many volunteers would show up and stuff envelopes, handout yard signs, and carry our message to every part of the 8th District.

I asked you to #ExpectMore -- and we are doing better than anyone thought we could. People in Northern Virginia are ready for change.
Join me. Join the HUNDREDS of people who have already made a contribution to win.


No contribution is too small -- chip in $5


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