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WORKING. Since 16 years old, I've been a part of the work force. From my first job cleaning hotel rooms, to working retail, to working in a biology lab, I worked hourly jobs to make ends meet and avoid college debt. I worked through graduate school too as a teaching assistant.

PROUD ADOPTIVE VIRGINIAN. Like many people in our community I moved to the area, loved it, and stayed. I grew up in Minnesota and started my career in Boston. However, Virginia is home. It is where I purchased my first home. It's the place I walk my dog-- around the neighborhoods or Roosevelt Island.

Alexandria farmers market

ECONOMIST & ECOLOGIST. I’ve worked at the crossroads of economic development and environment for my entire career. I understand the complexities and cost of government regulation, but I also understand the benefit that well-designed policies and programs--supportive of free markets--can bring. I’ve worked with the private sector and state governments across the United States to keep our waters drinkable and swimmable while the economy grows. I’ve worked with the US government in over a dozen countries in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. I've met with farmers in Central America under threats from drug traffickers and gangs. I've worked with Muslim business owners in Africa whose livelihoods are under threat from religious extremists. I’ve seen the effects of intolerance, poverty, violence, and terrorism. I know that it takes a willingness to listen and take decisive action to keep peace.

PROVEN LEADER. In every phase of my life I have been tapped to solve problems that affect my community, peers, and clients. At the University of Minnesota, I spearheaded the re-opening of the student union after a $71 million dollar renovation. As a recognized leader, I was honored to give the commencement addresses at my college and graduate school ceremonies. In my consulting career, I have led multi-million dollar projects across the United States and extending to over 10 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and in Africa. 

Working in Mali (West Africa)

FOR THE FUTURE. I am running for Virginia's 8th Congressional District because the people in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and Fairfax are frustrated by a lack of leadership on issues that matter to them: jobs, economic growth, climate change, domestic shootings, terrorism, and immigration. We need action on these issues--now. If elected, I would work tirelessly to promote common sense and fair solutions in Congress and make the changes we need to grow the economy and enjoy a free, fair, and tolerant community.


PO Box 25324
Arlington, VA 22202

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The Issues

ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIVE, & LIMITED GOVERNMENT. Free trade, free markets, and small businesses are fundamental to our economy. To improve government performance and lower operating costs without overreach, we must reward top performing federal employees and establish systems to support innovation--especially with regard to information technology. Entitlement commitments must be honored for those approaching retirement, but timely, measured reform is necessary for these programs to be solvent. We need to be honest with the generation entering the workforce, so they can plan ahead. We need focus on government efficiency so we can reduce our debt burden and keep taxes low.


PEOPLE EMPOWERED TO MAKE THE BEST DECISIONS FOR THEMSELVES. Government should help ensure that people have access to the information they need to make informed choices, not intrude on personal decisions. I believe in God. I believe in defending the Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees. I believe people should make healthcare decisions with their doctors not government.


PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY & CREATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY. Personal liberty and pursuit of happiness must be supported by government through investments in education and support for cost-effective school choices at all levels. Gun ownership is a fundamental right and personal responsibility for gun ownership goes hand in hand with the need to focus our communities on the root causes of crime and mass shootings.

STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE, HOMELAND SECURITY, & FOREIGN POLICY ROOTED IN STRONG LEADERSHIP. We need to modernize and reinvest in our national defense system; a strong military will strengthen diplomatic efforts and keep our country safe. We must take care of our veterans. Our approach to immigration should be balanced; we need to prevent illegal entry, while keeping the door open to migrants who believe in the American Dream.


Virginia's 8th Congressional District is located in the NorthEastern part of the state.


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The 8th Congressional District includes Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and Fairfax.

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PO Box 25324
Arlington, VA 22202

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Fred D'Allaird

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